The Hangover - Overcoming Emotional Addiction: 12-Steps for Emotional Sobriety
The Hangover - Overcoming Emotional Addiction: 12-Steps for Emotional Sobriety

Inspiring women to reclaim their power, embrace their truth, and design their destiny

About Dr. East

Dedicated to inspiring all women to become Sapphire Women, Dr. Carleah East’s expertise spans over 17 years and includes being an Author, Psychotherapist, Professor and Empowerment Speaker.   About Dr. East >

The Sapphire Woman

A woman is a magnificent combination of sass and wit.  She comes with a purse or pocket full of sweat, struggle, courage and beauty.  She is consistently fighting for validation, when what she should be doing is FIXING HER CROWN and taking a stance. The Sapphire Woman >

The Hangover

The Hangover takes you through the 12 steps of recognizing, dealing and healing from Emotional Addiction.  You already know what didn’t work in your past relationships, now let’s understand why and how not to repeat the same nonsense. The Hangover >

Therapy In Color

Dr. East integrates clinical expertise with compassion, dedication, love, laughter, understanding and encouragement in order to provide enriching experiences of healing and transformation. S.M.I.L.E. Today >

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With the challenges that women face in today’s society, whether it’s being a good mother or being a good mate, Dr. East understands that negative stereotypes and assumptions can be the stumbling block that prevents a woman from becoming Sapphire Woman. Seminars >

“Dr. Carleah East was the keynote speaker during my book release brunch with 16 other authors, and all I could say was wow throughout her speech. I felt her energy and passion as she empowered us to keep pursuing our purpose. She is a powerhouse indeed and a force to be reckoned with. If you are looking for a speaker for your event desiring to see other women win and who is herself unapologetically, Dr. Carleah East is the lady for the job!” Remain powerful & inspiring!
“The Nurse Brandnista”
Santisha Walker, RN, MSN, CWC,

“Dr. East is a very influential author for women and young ladies. Reminding us to always take care of self, while rising above obstacles. I use her work frequently to engage and inspire students I’ve assisted in areas of self-esteem, authenticity and self-worth.”

Devyani Balladin, District Secondary Counselor, Osceola Public Schools

“Dr. East delivers a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand perspective that helps the reader navigate the very real but often invisible challenges to improving and maintaining good mental health. Instead of paragraphs full of cold, clinical terminology, Dr. East uses illustrative examples and extended metaphors to introduce and explain complex issues in accessible, creative ways.

Sheree L. Greer, Writer, Educator, and Executive Director Kitchen Table Literary Arts