A Sapphire is defined as a precious stone that represents wisdom, royalty, truth and protection.  Sounds similar to some of the attributes used to describe women, right?  So, fix your crown and become a Sapphire Woman

She comes with a purse or pocket full of sweat, struggle, courage and beauty.  She is consistently fighting for validation, when what she should be doing is FIXING HER CROWN and taking a stance.

No longer will we go emotionally and mentally hungry trying to fill everyone else’s plate.  It’s time to nourish our hearts and our minds.  SAY “NO” TO OTHERS, AND “YES” TO YOURSELF!  We are not aggressive; we are assertive. We are not nagging; we have expectations. We not only survive; we thrive!  We continue to gain more of the world’s riches.  Women now control $39.6 trillion, or about 30% of the world’s wealth.  From what we wear to the way we accessorize, women have always stood out as trendsetters, boundary pushers and safe spaces.  Don’t let others define you, for you are your own definition. Strive ones chances using uusia nettikasinoita.  Women are the very essence of life and the balance found in family.   No matter your sexuality, ethnicity or financial status… you were born to be great!  Stop waiting for the approval of others.  Stop suffering in silence.  And,  stop putting yourself last.  Reclaim you time; reclaim your truth, and SLAY IN YOUR LANE!  Become a woman of strength, a woman of hope.  Heal from your past, and speak with your mind.  Become what “they” said you couldn’t!  Take back your power ladies, and BECOME A SAPPHIRE WOMAN!

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