What Is Resilience?


What is resilience?

Resilience is the ability to recover from tragedy, adversity, hardship, or to adapt to ongoing life stressors. Throughout this workshop Dr. East will help provide you with all the necessary tools and methods to endure what life is throwing at you.

Reclaiming My Time

Reclaiming My Time

What can I do for myself?

Set your own priorities and do not let anyone derail them, Dr. East wants everyone to be able to stand up for themselves and learn when to say no to others and yes to yourself. You are more than just a cook, chauffer, mate, or professional. Be your best and most important you.

Domestic Violence Words Pack a Punch

Domestic Violence, Words Pack a Punch

In this interactive workshop, Dr. East dispels the myths of Domestic Violence by challenging society’s standards and practices.  She explores and educates on all levels of domestic violence, surviving and thriving.

Mental Health in the Church I Need More Than Prayers

Mental Health in the Church… I Need More Than Prayers

Dr. East offers an engaging workshop on the realities of mental health affecting congregations.  She offers insight to assist church leaders and members in identifying and supporting those with mental health issues within their congregations and how to remove the spiritual stereotypes associated with it.

Let’s See What My Clients Have To Say?

Dr. East is a powerhouse speaker with a very versatile range of knowledge.  Dr. East captivates her audience through her intelligence and genuine passion about mental health and well-being.  Her dynamic presence intrigues and influences others to strive for their own greatness, and her professionalism makes for a rewarding partnership!

Bridget Narvaez, MBA, RN, Director of Medical and Education Services

“To know and understand that there are steps outside of spirituality that are just as needed can change one’s opinion about how we engage other people but also how we handle ourselves when it comes to mental heath. Dr. East so candidly provided us with an awakening moment and challenged us to think outside the religious box and embrace a holistic approach when dealing with matters of the psych. Many of us left empowered to tear down the walls of religious separation and dis-spell the myths surround therapy. Dr. East shared a powerful tip I am now living by: “In order to Heal, you got to feel…in order to feel, you have deal.” I am definitely looking for the next session.”

Brandon E. Perkins, Pastor/Prophet

“Dr. East delivers a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand perspective that helps the reader navigate the very real but often invisible challenges to improving and maintaining good mental health. Instead of paragraphs full of cold, clinical terminology, Dr. East uses illustrative examples and extended metaphors to introduce and explain complex issues in accessible, creative ways.

Sheree L. Greer, Writer, Educator, and Executive Director Kitchen Table Literary Arts

“Being one of the more passionate and engaging advocates for student development and learning, Dr. Carleah East stands as an effective communicator in multiple arenas. Notice recommendations uusimmat nettikasinot. Her public speaking delivery as well as her overall stage presence is consistently coupled with strong expertise in student success initiatives, innovative strategies for quality instruction, and research and practice in mental health. These rare attributes are evident as she continues to support and define the mission of higher education and the growth of each student. It was my honor to share a stage with her during a couple of presentations, but it is always a privilege to listen to her addresses when she is presenting alone.”

Albert D. Farr, PhD, Chair, Communications Department St. Petersburg College

“For many, it’s hard to acquire the genuine help and expertise of someone well versed in the LGBT experience, when seeking therapeutic services. As someone who’s been able to spread her knowledge as an author,speaker, and professor, Dr. East is a rare gem. I highly recommend her to all of my LGBT constituents, and am assured that they’ll receive the same quality of care and honesty that she’s exhibited with me and my family.”

Shannon Pressy

“Dr. Carleah East is a dynamic and powerful speaker! Her passion and message of optimal mental health, conveys a message of hope. She is able to make some of the most complex concepts easy to understand and compelling to respond to. She is a force in the field of Mental Health and we are so honored to have her as a partner in addressing health disparities in the African American community.”

Dr. LaDonna N. Butler , LMHC

“Dr. East is a very influential author for women and young ladies. Reminding us to always take care of self, while rising above obstacles. I use her work with students I’ve taught on self-esteem.”

Devyani Balladin, District Secondary Counselor, Osceola Public Schools

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