The Hangover

Have you ever tried to move forward from a broken relationship, only to keep circling back?  Why can’t you get over this person? Questions like these are more common than you think.  The Hangover takes you through the 12 steps of recognizing, dealing and healing from Emotional Addiction.  You already know what didn’t work in your past relationships, now let’s understand why and how not to repeat the same nonsense.  Having a sober heart and mind is the only way to really find happiness.  Once this is a reality, intimacy and love won’t be far behind. Give a copy as a gift >

The Hangover
Every day there’s a transition. Every day there is someone who comes into your life who negatively or positively impacts you. With a different mindset and way of behaving, you can grow and become an emotionally stable individual.

Behind The Cover

Emotional Addict

An emotional addict is an individual who is addicted and emotionally attracted to the highs and lows of a relationship.  Without even realizing it, you become emotionally immune and dependent on the cycle of emotional ups and downs.

Toxic thoughts

You will also discover how the constant subliminal messages (the harmful “drugs”) that society pushes to women can endanger, negatively influence, and hinder their lives. Because of this, you will often find yourself with someone that everybody else thinks is great for you, but with whom you know you’re not truly happy.

Emotional Sobriety

A mate is an extension of your life.  They’re not the absolute value of your life.  When you stop focusing on everything else and start focusing on yourself–building your empire, growth, and legacy as a beautiful woman, your mate will show up.

Dr. East is no stranger to emotional addiction

“Many people have no clue that when I was in my twenties, I married the same man twice.  So, I’m very familiar with how one becomes entangled in the expectations that society, friends, family and that inner voice has for your life.  “It wasn’t just love that made me go back for a second round. It was being in love with the idea of love,the idea of happily ever after…it was being in love with the potential and not the person.  It was being in love with all things and concepts.  I eventually chose to fall in love with myself. And honey, emotional sobriety is…EVERYTHING!”